Writing, Part One


Selamat sejahtera keatas kamu.

It's been awhile... Here we go...

Not many knows, I am a writer, even my wife. She just knew a brief. I have fans once during my school days, in all boys school, I was seventeen. I handwritten a story in a foolscap paper. A bunch off papers land from hand to hand. The feeling was amazing. 'The fans' craving what's next, every week.

The beginning of my interest in writing came when I was in secondary school.  I was thirteen years old. I have no interest in other activities or so called hobby at that time until one day I was read a story written by my classmate. He used to wrote a story, handwritten in an exercise book. His name is Mohd Fikri. He was writing fiction, it was a creative piece. I was blown away by the way he phrase the scene or the event.  We are just thirteen at that time and for me that is WOW. Fikri and me was a friend since the elementary school. Whether he is still writing? I do not have any idea.

I am not a fan of story telling or sharing story to others. I was quite a loner, haha. When I read the story that he wrote, it was like, I was there in the story. That was good for me at that time. It came across to me, the idea that, I want to write something too. I try to write but my piece does not par with his. I need to start imagine and visualize, starts create conversation.

While I'm writing, I starts to ignite my imagination. I keep my imagination as high as I can. The challenge part is, how to convert a story playing in my head into words. I start to read fiction from other writers, novelist and short story. My all time favorite is Ahadiat Akashah, Matt Romeo & Toyon.

Ahadiat Akashah is a Malaysia renowned novelist. I read most of his pieces. The first one was Budak Setan 1.I remembered back then, we have to take turn to read the novel. I just adore the way he wrote about the scene, the way he describe a person, a place, a situation. He just great at that. I have made his creation as a bible to help me to write.

Matt Romeo is also a novelist, but I first read his column on magazine, Gila-Gila. His words just amazing. He has a special style in his words and creating plots and funny! I think his specialty is women, haha, well sync with his nickname.

Toyon! His works amazed me! It tooks me to another level of thinking. Aku Hidup Dalam Blues is my new bible, although its just a column in a magazine. I have wait patiently, every thirty days to buy the magazine, just to read his piece. That was commitment!

Toyon real name is Azzam Supardi. Sadly, he passed away somewhere in Syawal, last year. 4th of July. I have a brief online relationship with him, but yet to touch about the writing part. God took him. He is a funny guy. For me he was a genius, he can make us lough just with a simple scenario, likes the conversation he had with his daughter. Haha. Brilliant!

From this momment onward, I really want to write again. I promise.


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